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    Bath Remodeling

    The bathroom is a busy room that is used in demand all day. The bathroom is a place where you find comfort and body rejuvenation, thus the bath’s appearance affects the room’s ambiance. After many years of usage, there are possibilities that unavoidable problems may occur: e.g. water leaks, discoloration, peeling countertops, malfunctioning water source, mold and mildew, offensively malodorous smell, etc.. If this is the case, your bathroom needs a facelift through bath remodeling.

    For Orlando bathroom remodeling needs, Bathroom Remodeling Orlando Partners is ready to serve you. We have partnering professionals who are experienced in bathroom remodeling in Orlando that will transform your outdated bathroom into a prestigious and beautiful one. With several years of experience in the industry, bathroom remodel Orlando became their forte. They perfectly understand your needs, so they will assist you in choosing the materials, size, color, theme, and design of the features you like to include in your bathroom.  We always keep in mind the essentials of building quality and long-lasting output. From countertops, custom tile, to bathroom conversion, Bathroom Remodeling Orlando Partners will be with you from day one.

    In remodeling your bathroom, there are a lot of things to consider such as ventilation of your bathroom, plumbing concerns, and presence of moisture or fumes. We also need to consider the lighting and fixtures placements to avoid busted lights and damaged fixtures due to moisture circulation. Your bathroom is made more convenient and has a fresh look to be more relaxing. We take charge from the placement of your water closet, the vanity and countertop, to the shower or tub. When you need a team of remodelers, our partnering team is always available for you.


    Custom Bathroom Countertops

    An exciting part of remodeling a bathroom is the presence of countertops. You always see it, especially when you are rushing in the morning and prepare for work or in the evening before you go to bed. How it looks and how it is utilized are very important to you because it contributes to the beauty or appearance of your whole bathroom. 

    Maintaining your countertop is essential but when time comes that you see chips, cracks, stains, or other damage on your bathroom countertops, you need to remodel it. For bathroom remodeling needs, you need the assistance of experts. Here at Bathroom Remodeling Orlando Partners, we have partnering professional remodelers. They help you provide a bathroom countertop that suits your design and lifestyle. We make sure that your countertop can serve you for a longer period.

    Granite Countertops

    Granite countertops are preferred by most of our clients. It has been the most requested material for countertops because of its many advantages. Granite has the properties highly sought after when it comes to countertops for bathrooms: durability, low maintenance, and look of luxury that captivate many homeowners.

    Installing granite into your countertop would require the assistance of skilled experienced workers, especially when customization is requested. Our team of remodelers help you in observing proper edging, buffing, and sealing for your granite for longevity.

    Aside from granite we also customize countertops using other materials. There are a variety of materials we can work with like wood, tiles, marble, and other newly introduced materials. We have the carbon fiber materials and epoxy resin. For your countertop installation, we are always on the line.


    Shower and Bath Conversions
    • Tub to Shower

    Converting your bathtub to shower will require a good plumber to fix or adjust the plumbing of your bathroom. Drainage and waterproofing of the flooring of the bath area is not an easy job. The leveling of your concrete pouring should be in a place where water will flow only to the drainage and will not be accumulated in other places of the bathroom. It is requisite that remodelers are knowledgeable to avoid leakage and other problems.

    Converting a tub to shower allows you to have more space in the bathroom. You can have a new look of your bathroom which gives an inspiring ambiance. If you are a busy person and want to have immediate access to the shower area, this decision is more convenient and ideal for you. With the help of our partners, you will be assisted in assessing your bathroom as well as in converting your bathroom into a majestic remodeled space.

    • Shower to Tub

    If you want something new in your bathroom and want to stay longer in your bathroom, converting your shower into a tub is a great thing to consider. Bath adds a sleek design to your bathroom, appearing a more cozy mood with the presence of a tub. A tub adds a higher marketability of your home when you want to resell in the future. Most of all, the bathtub has many health benefits to you and your family. It calms your nerves and mood after a day’s work, improves your skin, regulates body temperature, improves blood circulation, and hydrates your eyes, hair, and skin.

    Converting a shower to a tub is challenging but with the help of our partner professionals, you are in good hands. Have your bathroom converted into a room that will not only give convenience but also safety. 

    If you are looking for experts in bathroom remodeling in Orlando, Florida, let us help you. Call us now to create your dream bathroom design.

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    What we put in our bathroom will leave an impact on its overall appearance. Our team of experts is careful and systematic in doing bath remodeling projects. One of the factors to have a stunning remodeled bathroom is custom tile. Nowadays, there are numerous designs of custom tiles for you to choose from. With varied sizes and designs, you will get excited about your bathroom’s outcome.

    Our Orlando bathroom remodeling partners have a high reputation in installing custom tiles. Whether your tile is for the wall or for the floor, we help make your bathroom look elegant and unique. If you need custom tile installers, Bathroom Remodeling Orlando Partners is just here.