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    Welcome to Bathroom Remodeling Orlando Partners. We are a topnotch general contractor in bathroom remodeling in Orlando, Florida. We offer a quality and unmatched service in bathroom remodeling in Orlando which comprises installation of granite countertops and custom tile, and bathroom conversions from tub to shower or from shower to tub. Our team of specialists, designers, and technicians is well-experienced and certified in Orlando bath remodeling.

    We earned a remarkable reputation through our experience, skills, and good customer service that we provide to any project that we do, adhering to excellent workmanship, professionalism, and complete customer satisfaction from the planning to the turnover of a project. Our customers are important to us, so we always assure that we know their needs and expectations. We have open communication with them to inform them of the progress of the project. 

    For all bathroom remodeling needs, Bathroom Remodeling Orlando Partners is always ready to serve you.


    Bathroom Remodeling

    Orlando is highly recognized for its most modern-aesthetic homes in the world. Here at Bathroom Remodeling Orlando Partners, we take pride to be an expert in this industry and to be adept in providing bathroom remodeling solutions to customers. With our partnering team of remodelers, we transform your outdated bathroom into a prestigious and elegant bathing space. 

    The bathroom is a special place for your family because you always use it every day. You also call it a hygiene place or a liberty room because you can do a lot of things in this place. There is no day that you don’t visit your bathroom and it seems that life would not be complete without it.  Here you find comfort and relaxation. However, once it is outdated, you start to encounter hassles like unwanted smell, leaky showerhead, poor ventilation, and many more. With these concerns, you need experts to address the problems. 

    Our experienced remodelers have several years of experience in this work, so doing bath remodel Orlando projects became their expertise. They are experts in guiding clients from choosing the materials, size, color, theme, to the design and layout of your desired bathroom.  They always keep in mind the quality and long-lasting effects of their job. From granite countertops, custom tile, to bathroom conversion from tub to shower or from shower to tub, our Orlando bathroom remodeling partners will never fail you.


    Bathroom Countertops

    Bathroom countertops are a very important feature in an elegant bathroom. There is no chance that you don’t go to this area every day, thus how it looks and how it is utilized are very important factors to consider when choosing a countertop. Maintaining your countertop is essential but when the time comes that you see chips, cracks, stains, or other damage on it, remodeling should be considered. For your bathroom remodeling needs, our partnering professional remodelers are ready to help you and provide a bathroom countertop that suits your design and lifestyle. 

    Granite countertops

    There are many kinds of bathroom countertops you can choose from, but most of our clients prefer granite countertops.  It remains to stand out from the rest because of its incomparable characteristics and benefits. It is non-porous, so it is durable, tougher, and low in maintenance. Granite makes a bathroom look luxurious and classic. It even elevates the design of your bathroom.

    Proper sealing is key so granite won’t absorb any water, as well as protecting it from stains and scratches. Through our remodelers, you are assured of the correct installation of your countertops.

    If you need bathroom countertop installers, Bathroom Remodeling Orlando Partners is here for you. Our partnering team can visit your place and measure the size of the countertop that you need. 


    Custom Bathroom Tile

    Our team of remodelers always aims to make every project a quality and worth investing for every homeowner and that’s why every detail is given attention to. In every bathroom remodel project, customers always include custom tiles. This makes a remodeled bathroom more inviting, sophisticated, and cleaner. Nowadays, there are varied designs of custom tiles that will make your bathroom modern or trendy. Our teams of experts are knowledgeable when it comes to proper choosing of sizes, colors, and design of custom tiles.  Whether your custom tile is for the floor or for the wall, we will help you transform your bathroom into a stylish and unique one.


    Custom Bath Conversions​
    • Tub to Shower

      When you encounter bathtub problems like the tub won’t drain or the bathtub faucet is dripping, it gives annoyance to you. Added by leaking drainage or overflow pipes, you may stop using your bathtub. In this scenario, it is advised to convert your bathtub into a gorgeous shower. 

    • Shower to Tub

      If you need experts who convert your shower to tub at your home, hotel, or condo, Bathroom Remodeling Orlando Partners is ready to serve you. Our partners are highly qualified in bathroom remodeling in Orlando, Florida They are certified installation technicians in converting a shower to tub. They can install a heavy-duty bathtub which you can use for several years.  There is a wide range of bathtub designs, colors, and patterns you can choose from. Enjoy the new look of your bathroom with a new bathtub.

    Bathroom Remodelling Company Logo

    Bathroom Remodeling
    Orlando Partners

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      With the help of our team remodelers, you’ll be able to choose the best tub that suits your needs and taste. Your new bathtub allows you to experience the health benefits and convenience of a luxurious and elegant bathroom. Our bathroom remodel Orlando experts adhere to professionalism to all remodeling projects that they do. Give us a call now for an appointment.

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      This bathroom conversion is a complex process, but through our team of remodelers, you will feel relief because you will be provided with solutions. Our team will give you options like tear out the tub, build a new shower, or retrofit the plumbing. Shower becomes ideal when you want to have a wider space in your bathroom and you are rushing all the time so that you don’t stay in the bathroom for a long period. Further, converting a tub to a shower gives you opportunities to add other more important amenities in your bathroom. Our team can give you varied options of shower models of all kinds.